Audi Service & Repair

Foreign Service Auto specializes in the needs and specifications of fine foreign model vehicles. From standard maintenance to keep your car fine-tuned to vital repairs and complete overhauls, Foreign Service Auto has the parts and expertise to keep your vehicle looking and running smooth.

Made with precision and care, many foreign model cars are built to outlast the competition. Audis are stylish and sporty as well as luxurious to drive. While these vehicles are built with German engineering and great attention to detail, they do, like all vehicles, have their quirks. Many models have bad gas mileage compared to the competition, some are prone to emissions systems break down and control arms may be easily weakened. If you notice your Audi is not performing like it used to, you are spending more on gas, or your car is resisting acceleration or breaking, it may be time to check in with your mechanic.

Foreign Service Auto services and maintains foreign sports cars, luxury vehicle and utility vehicle from the best manufacturers in the world. Call today to make an appointment in Reston for a full-service check.